Get 360-Degree View of your Business with Mobile Analytics Services

Mobile Analytics: Take the Right Decision, at the Right Time

PowTech delivers top-tier Mobile Analytics services, empowering you to make timely and informed decisions. Gain a comprehensive 360-degree view of your business and captivate users with insightful data and intelligence.

Mobile Analytics: Take the Right Decision, at the Right Time

PowTech offers world-class Mobile Analytics services that will empower you to make the right decisions, at the right time, for the right reason. Get a 360-degree view of your entire business, and delight your users with data and intelligence.

Powerful analytics services that delivers results

Our scalable and powerful Analytics solutions are customized and tailor-made for fulfilling your business objectives.

Mobile Analytics Integration

Integrate mobile analytics solutions seamlessly with your apps to track user behavior, retention, funnel flow, and more.

Big Data Analytics

Deploy comprehensive Big Data Analytics tools into your mobile app for enhanced scalability and profitability.

ROI Optimization

Our Analytics Experts extract targeted data to maximize ROI and profits.

Social Media Analytics

Utilize advanced mobile analytics tools to gain insights into your social media platforms, followers, and fans.

Event Tracking Analytics

Employ cutting-edge analytics tools to monitor specific events like paid campaigns and festive offers.

Campaign Analytics

Use our mobile analytics solutions to track, monitor, and optimize campaigns like Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Leverage Business Intelligence & Analytics for Consistent Growth

Revealing Our Analytics Methodology

Need Analysis

Our talented team of business analysts will decode the needs of your target audience, understand your true business objectives.



We will tweak and twist the analytics platform to embed niche customizations for getting more value addition and niche insights about your business.


Data Strategy

Our Analytics Experts will create a comprehensive data & information strategy for your business, to make sure we track the right data.

Platform Strategy

Our team will research various tools and software present in the market that fits your mobile analytics requirement and business objectives.

Analytics Deployment

We will deploy the most optimal, cost-effective, and feature-rich analytics platform that helps you understand your customers, and boosts profits.

Monitoring Data

Our team will closely monitor the mobile analytics data, derive meaningful insights, and suggest the best way forward.

Everything you need to know

With mobile analytics, a business can find out what is working, and what’s not working. The management can find out why customers are not buying a specific product, why they are leaving the mobile app, and why engagement is not happening. In short, mobile analytics platforms can reveal the actual truth about your mobile business.

For us at PowTech, data security and user privacy are of paramount importance. We deploy some of the most advanced data protection tools and technologies such as data encryption, secured keys, firewalls, and more to make sure that our client’s data is always secured and safe.


We provide constant data monitoring services and maintenance services for all solutions provided by us. We will closely monitor the results of our mobile analytics solutions deployed for your business, and immediately rectify any issue or bug for ensuring seamless performance.


Yes, ofcourse! With Mobile Analytics, any business can find out exact and specific details about user behavior, conversion ratios, retention statistics, and more, that help them weed out inefficient processes and functionalities and trigger more growth. When you know your customers in a better way, aided with hardcore data and insights, then you can offer them better services, and delight them: And is the most reliable growth hack ever created.


We work with some of the most powerful Mobile Analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Localytics, Countly, App Annie and more.

We will conduct in-depth research about your mobile app, understand your business objectives, and accordingly suggest the best, most result-oriented analytics software.

If you don’t deploy any mobile analytics software, then you will never understand your customer’s behaviors and their pain points. You will miss critical data and insights.

With mobile analytics, you can clearly understand which strategies are working, which are not working, and why users are behaving in a certain manner. This information can be used to make the right decisions, and trigger more profits.

Yes, ofcourse! Our ROI Optimization services provide our clients with deep insights and wisdom, scooped out from the mobile analytics data.